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Little Lion




Little Lion Tae Kwon Do

(Age 4-6 years old)

Our Little Lion Tae Kwon Do Program is an early martial arts program designed specifically for students from ages four to six (4- 6) years.  Working with young children at this critical stage in their development can have lifelong benefits.  Genesis Tae Kwon Do teaches self-control at this age and contributes to lifelong success.  The class lengths are appropriate to these children’s developmental stages.  Course content focuses on teaching children: Gross/Fine Motor skill, Coordination / Strength / Flexibility, Martial Arts Basics, Running and Jumping Skills, Proper Falling Technique, How to Get Along with Others and Teamwork, along with how to Listen and Watch Instructors.  Children who complete the Little Lion program will be ready to enter the regular training program with a special head start.  In fact, multiple Little Lions have gone on to become awesome champion black belts. 

Children Tae Kwon Do

(Age 7-12 years old)

Our Children's Tae Kwon Do program is designed to be fun and stimulating, with emphasis on developing the necessary fundamental skills for children of different ages. Younger children learn the basics of Tae Kwon Do in the form of exciting drills, and games that focus on agility, balance, and coordination. Maturing youth further their technical ability, and develop specialized skills from the different streams of Tae Kwon Do: Judo; Hapkido; self-defense; weapons; and personal growth. All of the classes focus on aiding the growth of the inherent Tae Kwon Do qualities of discipline, respect, and self-control through education, practice, and setting a good example for others.


Teen & Adult Tae Kwon Do

(Age over 12 years old)

Our teen & adult classes are catered to mature students with various goals in Taekwondo, whether that be exercise and weight loss, self-defense, learning martial arts, self-discipline, learning about Taekwondo philosophy, spiritual development, strength training, or recreational sparring, among countless others.  Taekwondo is a great way to learn, exercise, and have fun.  Genesis Taekwondo Academy provides you with a well-rounded program where students will certainly find the right path to achieving their goals (with guidance from our very helpful instructors) and finding companionship in a friendly environment.

Family Tae Kwon Do

(Available for All Ages)

Genesis Taekwondo Family Taekwondo program enhances your family’s communication, interaction and fitness.   Parents and children can practice Taekwondo at the same time as their parents, spend happy and healthy quality time together, and communicate with one another through our Genesis Taekwondo Family Program.  A great way to bring the family together!


Adaptive Tae Kwon Do

(for Students with special needs)

Adaptive Taekwondo is a modern approach to teaching a traditional art form that embraces our special needs community, opening the door to opportunities and life lessons that have previously been unavailable.  By using a modified curriculum and teaching approach, students with a variety of learning styles and abilities are able to progress at their own pace while benefiting socially from a group setting.

Through dynamic martial arts exercises, drills and games, Master Hanbin Choi, the program’s director and head master instructor, with the help of a dedicated staff of volunteer students, leads groups with a variety of physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities through classes structured to increase coordination, focus, body awareness and social skills.  This program’s commitment to each student’s individual growth and progression is shown in its unique ranking and reinforcement system. Because participants each come in with different strengths and goals, individual physical and behavioral achievements are recognized and each student is rewarded for their efforts while also continuing to be challenged.

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