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We’ll Pick Up Your Children

We offer unique After School pick up program to help working parents in our community.


This program is prepared for those hard working parents who have been looking for an educational program with an excellent self defense course for children after school while parents are at work.

The benefits of this program are numerous, however some of the most noted are:


- Self Defense

- Self Esteem

- Fun

- Excitement

- Social & Physical development

- Respect & Discipline

- Integrity & Honor

- and the list of benefits goes on and on...


Now you can help your child get ahead with discipline and respect by enrolling them into our After School program.

After School Program

  • Fun Self-Defense Training

  • Respect & Discipline Training

"We teach our students to respect & honor their parents at home, and listen to teachers at school."

  • Fun Tae Kwon Do Kicks & Games

  • Build Self Control & Esteem

  • Homework Time

"We'll take good care of your children until you're able to pick them up."

Our goal is to be an extension of the parent & the school system. This is our first priority for your child-

  • Highest Quality Tae Kwon Do Instruction

  • Good Grades

  • Respecting & Honoring Parents

  • Listening & Cooperating with Teachers at School


After School Pick Up Program at Genesis Taekwondo Academy

"We guarantee that you will get the highest quality of instruction in the area. "

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